About Us

The Diet Hub “You are what you eat”

Across the Globe, we all the 8.5Billion are related to each other as HUMAN. That is why we can donate or accept Organs from anyone, irrespective of Race or Religion. Hence we all are ONE. But the Food One takes decides many things for him or her. Ayurveda adheres to the notion that the food one eats is what determines one’s health and Character, and the Treatment or Solution we seek is not a Medicine but Food. We, at The Diet Hub, strongly believe in the Ayurvedic tradition which treats not the disease but the diseased. We specialise in the Manufacture, Marketing and Distribution of Ayurvedic products and in providing Ayurvedic solutions to chronic diseases. Our Finishing School Initiative is a program to train freshers in the medical profession to write medical prescriptions. This is in tangent with Basic Ayurvedic Principles (as per ancient textbooks) which require new pass-outs in the field of medicine to be specially trained in writing medical prescriptions before practicing. Realizing the demand and dearth for Ayurveda textbooks, we also provide online access to textbooks in Ayurveda for academic and professional needs. Our Doctor Locator (Likely to introduced shortly) will be a helpful tool for Patients and Doctors, to locate the Ayurvedic Physician or Hospital near to them. This will come with a route map, to falicitate correct access. The Diet Hub is a safe, sensible and reliable choice for anyone who believes in the power of Ayurveda and desires a healthy life through healthy food and lifestyle. Through the power of Ayurveda, The Diet Hub serves you to add health to your food and thus to your life which emphasizes our slogan “You are what you eat”.