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It is helpful to reduce high bad cholesterol (LDL), high triglycerides (TG) and its blockagel . It is also helpful to maintain Hypertension– Blood Pressure.Brain stimulator herbs use to decrease hypertension caused by stress. Metabolize active constituents in liver for production of HDL &Inhibit HMG-CoA reductase .Increase good cholesterol (HDL) production by improves liver function

Best tablet for your Heart care..

Dosage & usage:As Directed by the Physician
Available in : Box of 2 x 15 Pearls

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DB 850 is a unique combination of time tested herbs, that helps to bring down the elevated blood glucose levels in the natural way. The drugs in DB 850 increase glucose uptake at cellular level, increase glycogen synthesis in liver, improves the quality and quantity of insulin, reduces oxidative stress, boost immunity and inhibit Gluconeogenesis and Glucogenolysis.

Benefits of Cordyceps

Cordyceps is also believed to have potential sexual benefits. It has been traditionally used as an aphrodisiac and to support reproductive health. It may help improve libido, enhance fertility in both men and women, and address certain sexual dysfunctions. However, further research is necessary to fully understand and validate these claims. As always, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating cordyceps or any other supplement for sexual health purposes.

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Each film coated tablet contains (Approx):

Momordica charantia 100 mg.
Trigonella foenum 100 mg.
Syzygium cumini (Fruit juice) 125 mg.
Pterocarpus marsupium 75 mg.
Zingiber officinale 75 mg.
Asphaltum punjabinum 100 mg.
Curcumin 95% 25 mg.
Amla Extract 20% Tannins 50 mg.
Tinospora cordifolia 50 mg.
Mimosa pudica 1.5 mg.
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride 1.5 mg.

Nutrition Facts

Nutritional Profile (Approx):

Energy 0.200 Kcal.
Carbohydrate 0.005 gm.
Protein 0.001 gm.
Fat 0.001 gm.

How to use

Recommended Usage: 1 Tablet B I D 20 Minutes before food.

Benefits of FD 369 tablets

Unique blend of time-tested herbs for natural blood glucose management

Mortar and pestle grinding green herbs.

Enhances cellular glucose uptake and utilization.

Mortar and pestle grinding green herbs.

Promotes stable blood sugar levels through

Mortar and pestle grinding green herbs.

Supports immune function for individuals with diabetes

Mortar and pestle grinding green herbs.

Frequently Asked Questions

DB 850 is a unique combination of time-tested herbs that work synergistically to bring down elevated blood glucose levels naturally. The herbs in DB 850 increase glucose uptake at the cellular level, improve insulin quality and quantity, reduce oxidative stress, boost immunity, and inhibit Gluconeogenesis and Glucogenolysis.

DB 850 is formulated to help control blood glucose levels and can be potentially beneficial for various types of diabetes, including type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

DB 850 offers several benefits, including natural blood glucose level control, improved glucose uptake, enhanced glycogen synthesis, reduced oxidative stress, boosted immunity, and regulation of Gluconeogenesis and Glucogenolysis.

While DB 850 may contribute to better blood glucose control, it is important to note that diet and lifestyle modifications play a crucial role in diabetes management. DB 850 should be used as part of a comprehensive treatment plan that includes healthy eating habits and regular physical activity.

The time to see results with DB 850 may vary among individuals. Consistent use and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are important for optimal outcomes. Individual responses may differ.

The recommended dosage and usage instructions for DB 850 may vary. It is important to carefully read the product label and follow the instructions provided. Typically, DB 850 is taken orally with water or as directed by a healthcare professional.


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